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Garden Guidelines


We have a list of preferred caterers and vendors.  We require you to use one of our caterers on the list.  You may choose your own dessert vendors.  We do not have any onsite garbage or recycling.  All garbage and recycling will need to be removed by you or your caterer after the event.  


You may choose to rent a canopy or tent for protection from the sun or rain.  Maximum size is approximately 100’ x 100’ for The Meadow and 20’ x 50’ at The Woodland Garden. The perimeter of The Meadow is approximately 382 feet.  The Woodland site is approximately 30’ x 75’.  No Stakes in the grass for tents. Before you book your event with us, please contact an outside vendor for the costs associated with your rentals.  The tent needs to be erected and dismantled within your rental time. Most renters choose to not rent tents.  


Included in the rental for the Meadow site are: 

  • (15) 6' banquet tables 
  • (2) 6 ‘ folding banquet tables 
  • (19) 60" round tables that seat 8 
  • (6) 30" cocktail tables: height of either table height (30") or bar height (42") 
  • 150 white bistro chairs for 

The Woodland Garden has:

  • 100 plastic chairs that rent for $1.50 each 
  • 1 (6’) folding table for $8.00.

All payments made towards rentals for the Woodland are non-refundable.  New this year, when renting our chairs and tables, we will set up and break down within the timeframe of your rental.  You will need to use a rental company for additional rentals.  Before you book your event with us, please contact an outside vendor for the costs associated with your rentals.  


Crystal Springs is a public/private garden.  While your reservation entitles you to use a particular site, other people may also be present in the garden.  In the past, people have been courteous and respectful when an event is occurring.  “Reserved Area” signs are placed on paths approaching your site to guide non-event guests away from the reserved area.  Your guests will be greeted by a staff member at the Gatehouse and given directions to your event. You may (and we encourage you to) place your own unique signs along the way guiding your guests.  We also put your first names on a chalkboard sign, up at the gatehouse, welcoming your guests.  The restrooms at the Meadow site will be used by visiting guest to the garden as well as Woodland site wedding guests.  We have a path that goes around the building.  


Please arrive and depart by your scheduled time.   10 hours is the max per event.   Your rental time includes both the set up and the clean up of the site.   The time we can rent out the garden is between the hours of 10:00 am – 10:00 pm.  You pick the time for your event rental between those hours.  We are prohibited from having events past 10:00 pm.  If you choose to have your event rental time from 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm, we have a hard out time of 10:00 pm.   We cannot add time to your event “day of”.  We cannot store items before or after your wedding reservation date/time.   You can also do a rehearsal a day or two leading up to your event.  There is no additional charge.  We will not be on hand for your rehearsal. 


Our Event Coordinator will be there for the beginning of your event, to provide guidance to our event staff on the logistics, timeline and layout for your event.  There will be one or two event staff on site for the duration of your event.  Please provide us with a contact person and we will make introductions the day of the event.  We highly recommend either hiring a professional wedding coordinator from our Preferred Vendor List or ask the caterer for full service event coordinating.  We do not offer wedding coordination. 


Music is “a must” for most events.  Please do not exceed a level of 70 decibels. Strobe lights are not permitted.  Dance floors can be rented through your rental company.  Most renters do not rent dance floors.  No noise after 10:00 PM.  City Ordinance.  Your DJ and vendors, who need electricity, will have to bring extension cords.  We have (2) 20 amp circuits with 4 outlets on each.  Please consider using a DJ from our Vendor List.  There is no electricity at the Woodland site. Please face the speakers towards the water.


For groups using The Meadow, dressing space is provided for both women and men in the Exhibit Hall.  Also a small room that houses our chairs can be used for last minute touch ups at the Gatehouse building for those using The Woodland Gardens.  


We take this very seriously!  We do a “rake of the lawn” one hour prior to your event.  The raking is done for about 60 minutes.  If this is a big concern of yours, please let us know.  We will do everything we can to get it all up.  


The garden has a small parking lot up at the ticket booth.  Parking is first come first serve.  There may be additional parking at Reed College's Performing Arts Building.  Check the Reed Auditorium’s calendar to make sure there is no conflict with your event.   You may consider using a shuttle service.  There is also a lot at 28th and Steele.


Just like any public parking lot, there are risks.  Please follow your instincts.  Security personnel can be hired.  


Champagne, wine and beer only.  They can be served in bottles or kegs by a licensed OLCC server.  We have a special liability insurance form that needs to be filled out and signed.  Please, no ice on the lawns or in the garden.  We will help you dispose of it properly.


No smoking in the garden.  


There are restrooms adjacent to The Meadow.  They were renovated in 2010.  It is a 5-minute walk to these restrooms from The Woodland. You may want to add a soap dispenser to each of the (3) bathrooms.  Keep in mind that the park is open to the public and the bathrooms are shared. We also have a very clean portable restroom in the parking lot.  We have a women's restroom, men's restroom and a gender neutral restroom. 


There is no lighting on the garden paths or in any of the event sites.  If your group will be in the garden after 9:00, please place luminaries in the paths up to the exit.  You may want to illuminate your event area too.  We can give you some great ideas. No candles, just LED lights please.


Please stay on pathways and lawn.  The garden is for all to enjoy for days and years to come.  Help us protect the flowers and trees by not picking or climbing.   No SPARKLERS.


Most of the garden is wheelchair accessible.  The entrance pathway meets specification of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If guests are elderly or have special needs, please explore the garden to be sure that the site you select has adequate access for them.  Two wheelchairs are available at the ticket booth on a first come first serve basis.


Your site must be left clean.  You or your caterer must take out all garbage.  Please designate several people in your party to make sure that clean up is complete.   The garden is open to visitors the following day.  There will be a minimum charge of $75.00 for any garbage that is left.  Consider bringing recycling cans along with garbage cans.


Liability insurance is required for all groups using the garden.  We will provide you with the forms. 


We have a list of caterers and party rental companies.  Please inquire.  Vendors may enter at the start of your blocked time and must conclude at the end of your time.  Site visit is required with Rental Company, DJ (can do over the phone) and caterer prior to event. 


We calculate your fee on space, time, guests, and chairs/tables that you rent from us.  50% is due to secure your date and space.  This is non refundable.   The remaining 50% is due 60 days prior to your event.  Send checks made payable to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.  Attention:  Rachael Moloney, 3036 NE 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97212.  


This fee is included in your proposal.  It is due to secure your date.  This is returned to you if it is not used for additional services. A minimum $500.00 charge will incur if vendors or wedding group is on park grounds after 10:15 PM.  Also, any additional rentals for tables or chairs will come out of the refundable deposit.  Vendor or guest damage will also be charged to you. This deposit is also used if additional clean- up is needed.  For Woodland site only, your guest count needs to be within 10% of your reserved count or additional fees will be deducted. Any balance in your refundable fee will be returned to you by the 15th of the following month.  


If you cancel your event, the 50% reservation deposit is retained. If your event is cancelled within the 60 days prior to your event and after your full payment is received, there is no refund.  We will do everything we can to find a comparable replacement event for your cancelled date and venue.  If we are successful, we will adjust your refund.